Osteoporosis Re-fracture Prevention

Osteoporosis re-fracture prevention at the Royal North Shore Hospital is a coordinated approach to preventing secondary fractures. Hear from patients and clinicians how this Leading Better Value Care initiative is improving patient outcomes and experience. Visit the NSW Health website for more information:


Australian and New Zealand Bone Mineral Society 

Secondary Fracture Prevention Program Initiative: A suite of resources including analysis of Australian FLS programs, a business plan template and a step-by-step guide to setting up programmes.s, or connect to data from your collection.

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ANZHFR 2019 Annual Report 

The 2019 ANZHFR Annual report contains patient-level data from 67 hospitals and facility-level data from 118 hospitals that provides insight into the current state of hip fracture care. It features information about hip fracture clinical care standards and the newly established ANZHFR "Hip Fests". 

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ANZHFR Hip Fracture Care Guide 

A hip fracture care guide for patients, family and carers

Osteoporosis Canada 

FLS Hub: A comprehensive web-based resource including the Canadian FLS Registry, an FLS Toolkit, Key Indicators, Quality Standards, a free consultation service and a suite of webinars.


Osteoporosis New Zealand 

FLS web pages: A suite of resources including an FLS Resource Pack, a business plan template, generic Fracture Liaison Nurse job descriptions and clinical standards for FLS.


National Osteoporosis Society 

FLS web pages: A suite of resources including an FLS Implementation Toolkit (with a business case benefits calculator, outcomes and performance indicators), clinical standards and case studies of exemplar services.


Sax Institute Osteoporosis Modelling

Around 6.3 million Australians have poor bone health, and many don’t even realise it. Dealing with these fractures costs us $3 billion per year, and a lot of distress. So how can we help stop it before it happens? Systems modelling gives us a dynamic window to the future, so we can work out what strategies will have the best impact.


Orthogeriatrics (Second Edition)

The second edition of this textbook has been developed by the global Fragility Fracture Network with excellent contributions from colleagues across the world.

It is Open Access (i.e. free!) and aims at giving the widest possible dissemination on fragility fracture (especially hip fracture) management and notably in countries where this expertise is sorely needed. It has been extensively revised and updated by the experts of this network to provide a unique and reliable content in one single volume.

Other Resources
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