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Launch of "Make the first break the last" campaign- get involved now!

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Dear SOSFA Members and Friends,

This is a request for help from the Australian National Alliance for Secondary Fracture Prevention.

Our 37 member organisations and 3 million individual members are unified in a single aim: To ensure that all Australians with osteoporosis are appropriately treated to prevent further breaks.

As you know, Osteoporosis is a disease that affects nearly 5 million older Australians and results in weakened bones that break easily (“fragility fractures”). Last year, 180,000 Australians suffered a fracture due to osteoporosis – that’s one fracture every 3 minutes. However, despite the availability of effective treatments, the majority of people who suffered such breaks are neither investigated nor do they receive appropriate treatment following this event. This is the “osteoporosis care gap”. As a consequence, many people experience further breaks which lead to unnecessary suffering and premature death.

We need your help to change this.

The Alliance has launched a new campaign that lets ordinary Australians call on their local Members of Parliament to demand better treatment for people with osteoporosis. To share their own story or that of a loved one showing how critical it is to fix this gap in the healthcare system.

Please share the link below with your networks and encourage people to write to their local member. And please also consider contributing a letter yourselves. It is designed to be easy and straightforward.

Thank you! Professor Markus Seibel AM

Chair, Australian National Alliance for Secondary Fracture Prevention

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