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The SOS Fracture Alliance endorses and strongly supports the Osteoporosis New Zealand (ONZ) Clinical Standards for Fracture Liaison Services. These Standards represent an important step forward for health care in the Asia Pacific that integrates the best practises for identifying, treating and managing fragility fractures as the minimum, enforceable standard for the entire health care system.

Fragility fractures have devastating impacts on people, their families, the health system and national economies. Systematic approaches to fracture prevention, including hospital-based Fracture Liaison Services, are pivotal to close the osteoporosis care gap, which still sees 70% of older people with osteoporotic fractures going undiagnosed and untreated.

SOSFA is also pleased to be the Australian partner with ONZ on the Australian and New Zealand Fragility Fracture Registry, a newly established data registry which will build on these new Standards to provide an evidence based mechanism for healthcare services in both countries to deliver the best health care possible.

We hope the announcement of these ONZ Standards will serve as a rallying call for similar Standards to be adopted in Australia and look to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to provide leadership in this area.

The published Standards can be found on the SOSFA website under our Education Resources section or directly on the ONZ website.

ONZ Clinical Standards for FLS - Media release
Download PDF • 163KB

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