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Next steps post Budget submission outcome

The Budget submission which Osteoporosis Australia and the Alliance jointly made to the Hon Ken Wyatt, Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Indigenous Health in December 2017 was considered as part of the Budget process early this year. Whilst our submission for funds to develop 10 pilot sites with Secondary Fracture Prevention Programs was not successful at this time, we have received advice on what our next steps should be;. particularly to approach the State and Territory health authorities to promote secondary fracture prevention programs and gain support from them. Sax Institute Project Last year, the SOS Fracture Alliance commissioned Sydney‘s Sax Institute ( to determine the feasibility of designing, evaluating and translating into practice an Australian secondary osteoporotic fracture prevention program (SFPP) that has the:

• capacity to systematically identify, investigate and initiate management to prevent future fractures in people with osteoporosis who experience a sentinel fracture, and

• potential to engage quickly with more than 80% of all such people.

The project is well on track with nearly all Australian fracture liaison services assessed in detail. In addition, interviews have been conducted with the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, the driving force behind the NSW Osteoporosis Refracture Program (ORP). The work by the Sax Institute has generated an in-depth picture of the characteristics of Australian secondary fracture prevention. The project is ongoing and the next steps as follows:

- Interview several Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to explore the opportunities and interest in engaging with secondary fracture prevention in primary care.

- Conduct analysis and refine the criteria for selection of the secondary fracture prevention programs to become demonstrator sites.

- Perform and analyse interviews with key stakeholders in information technology The project by the Sax Institute is critical to the Alliance’s overall strategy as it will provide the evidence base for designing secondary fracture prevention programs that can be tested in pilot sites.

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